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  • Huge variety benefit
  • Trusted company since 1951
  • Specialised in PVC Films and Sheeting since last 63 years
  • Benefits through expertised knowledge of the product
  • Fast and reliable
  • Produce quality according to tailor make requirement
  • Saves your time and money
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Wadhumal House Ware Appliances Provide Information  of House ware and Product Designs, Latest Designs Of table cloths, Shower curtains Price Range, House ware Models and PVC Srvice provider detail, Appliances Design of cloths, packing, PVC Films,PVC Mats, etc...
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PVC  Films and sheetings
Clear Sheeting
Table cloth
Shower Curtain
Window Film
PVC leather cloth
Coated Tarpaulin 
PVC flooring
Reflective film
Adhesive film
Yoga mat 
car wrapping film
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